America is the Fulcrum of Destiny

America is the Fulcrum of Destiny

Before Jesus' Second Coming, before the Khilafah, the worldwide Islamic Nation and/or before the end of the world in nuclear Armageddon, the United States of America has a divinely ordained role to play. How this role plays out -- how the world responds to our efforts -- is yet to be seen. We can be a light onto the nations or, to paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, we can let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A recent LA Times article on the "Lost Boys" of a fundamentalist Mormon sect greatly moved me.

Mainstream Mormons had practiced polygamy in the 19th century and cult founder Brigham Young had dozens of wives. Eventually most of the group abandoned the practice, with some breakaway "fundamentalists" still having plural marriages to this day. According to the various news articles they believe a man must have at least three wives to get into heaven or face eternal damnation.

Mathematical reality being what it is, this quickly means too many men and not enough women. The cults solution? Get rid of the excess boys. Drive them far out of town and drop them off by the side of the road, like an unwanted pet.

According to the cults doctrine, without the minimum three wives, out of religion and guilty of sundry sins, this is not only expulsion from everything the boys know but also a sentence of eternal damnation.

The cult's leaders break-up families, turn women into chattel and proclaim themselves prophets. I could ask how they live with themselves but the answer would be disheartening. They live with plenty of sex, lordly power over others and the satisfaction that whatever they say goes. I’d pray for their souls but first I’d have to get over my anger at the tragedy of such self-serving self-righteousness.

It is difficult to quantify the intensity of psychological suffering felt by cult members. Be they dozens or thousands of members, the pain, the sense of betrayal each individual suffers is intensely personal, often the most intimate pain possible. Ricky "Davidito" Rodriguez, prophet child of the founders of the Family International (formerly the Children of God) is an especially sad case. He and his mother were "going to be the end-time witnesses. They are going to have such power they can call down fire from Heaven and devour their enemies," David "Moses" Berg, the sect leader, proclaimed. Since they were the two prophets of Revelation
"They are going to be killed. Then, after only three and a half days, Jesus is going to raise them from the dead," Berg continued.

Berg, an Oakland California native, founded the sect in the late 1960s, blending evangelical Christianity, radical politics and free love. The original members were hippies and free spirits. They were easy prey for the "sacred prostitutes" who turned Jesus' call that his followers become "fishers of men" into recruitment by seduction. The cult attracted almost 12,000 members by means of this "flirty fishing."
A 20-month-old Ricky "Davidito" appeared in the group’s literature surrounded by naked nannies, personal sex toys for the unknowing infant. "The Story of Davidito" book presented to members that sex with children was okay, a model to follow. The adult Rodriguez, traumatized by a life of sex and no longer able to handle the imposed burden of prophethood, left the "Family." He could not, however, leave behind the rage and anger of years of sexual abuse that started in infancy.
In a sequence of events that is becoming disturbingly common "Davidito" made a videotape before committing murder. In the profanity filled diatribe his frustration and rage is plain. His intentions are also plain. Throughout the video-tape he loads his Glock 23 semiautomatic pistol with dozens of bullets and ends the missive with a call for other defectors from the cult to get justice from their childhood abusers. "Davidito" then goes out to search for his mother. He kills a former nanny trying to find the absent parent and then kills himself.

There is little more devastating than betrayal by those that should be your protectors. Child or adult, the rage and anger caused by such a failure is immense and many second generation members of the erstwhile Children of God have committed suicide. A child of early members, actor River Phoenix, a man who once said that he had lost his virginity when he was four years old, could be a case in point. A strict vegetarian and environmentalist, a man who could not see any point or any good in drugs, died of a drug overdose.

Many parents aspire to be "friends" to their children. This is more than foolishness, it is an abdication of parental responsibility. A child will have hundreds of friends in her life. He has only one mother and one father. A child needs a lifetime of guidance and boundaries. These are not qualities often found in a "best bud." No wing man will be there for you at 3:00 a.m. as it is perfectly reasonable to expect from a Mom and Dad. The cost of having parents that do not know these basics of parenting is paid in the shattered lives of their children. By being a friend to their child these immature parents cause profound harm instead.

There are entire societies built on abuse. Abused mothers abuse theirs sons who in turn grow up to abuse their wives. In some places this behavior is deemed sanctioned by religion. To speak against this ingrained abuse of your own family could be considered shameful and apostasy, open to punishment by death. There is no honor in the abuse of your own sons and daughters, mothers and wives.

Many of the world's children have no parents at all. The streets of South America's cities are filled with orphans and waifs, the unwanted refuse of adult lives out of control. Throughout Africa toddlers are cared for by elderly grandparents, if they are lucky. An entire generation of parents of Africa's children is dead from AIDS, civil war and genocide. In Asia natural disaster in the form of a tidal wave has left scars that may be felt for generations. Orphans created by the tsunami may become sucked into the sex trade, starting a descent into drugs and death.

The Children of God story is especially horrific, combining criminal parental failure with massive spiritual illegitimacy. Its consequences are the most intimate possible and long-lasting. Elsewhere in the world it may be worse. Parents in some places encourage their children to commit suicide. Spiritual leaders promise heaven for political murder, proclaiming it tradition sanctioned by God.

There is a special place in the Ninth Circle of Hell waiting such parents and leaders, victimizers of children they should be protecting.

Letters to the (LA Times) Editor

FOR MORE INFORMATION on cults see, a website created by and for young adults with parents who joined the religious organization The Family / Children of God. Also try
I write about some end-of-days cults in my book:


Blogger ph said...

What is so scary about this to me is that this religion is considered one of the fastest growing in the world and it specifically diminshes women and people of color. I believe these fundamentalist belief systems that segregate "them" from "us" are so far from my own beliefs of tolerance and acceptance and being truly civilized.

On the other hand, an article like this about the "lost boys" while it is horrific about the boys... I must say I'm liking this "law of unexpected consequences" that in their pursuit of mulltiple wives no one was thinking about how many women vs how many men could be allowed in the community so there were enough of each gender to make this work. While this is very serious, it also makes me laugh.

san francisco, ca
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Blogger Joseph Smith, Jr. said...

Interesting blog. Enjoyed reading it.


Joseph Smith Jr.
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