America is the Fulcrum of Destiny

America is the Fulcrum of Destiny

Before Jesus' Second Coming, before the Khilafah, the worldwide Islamic Nation and/or before the end of the world in nuclear Armageddon, the United States of America has a divinely ordained role to play. How this role plays out -- how the world responds to our efforts -- is yet to be seen. We can be a light onto the nations or, to paraphrase Lyndon Johnson, we can let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A friend of mine often speaks of his lack of knowledge of religious matters.

The LA Times had a short article on Mormons, 11 million of them.

Are they Christians? What do they believe is the nature and substance of Jesus? That last question is ancient and was once the impetus to massacre. Defining the nature of Jesus was important for believers because of who He claimed to be.
Is He just a prophet, a rabbi or some all-round good guy?
Is he God, born of God yet uncreated, undivided?
Is he God the son, of the same substance as God the father?
Is he, as Muslims say, a prophet born a Muslim as are all men?
Did he die, or is he alive now in another spiritual dimension waiting, with al madhi, to return to Earth and kill all the Jews, followers of al dajjal?

Are these unimportant questions?


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